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Radio Research Rules

Great program directors know that to create well attuned, effective radio that listeners and advertisers respond to, that research is key. Unfortunately many producers fail to see the inherent value in extensive research and don’t allocate a significant enough...

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Why you should be using a voice processor

Ever wonder why you can’t find announcers with the same rich and vibrant voices as bigger stations? Its not because they are able to afford better talent or just have better luck, it’s likely because they have discovered and utilized the outstanding sound that comes...

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Use format clocks

Use format clocks to create consistent balanced radio and boost ratings. When it comes to creating professional radio that listeners respond to, it’s important to deliver a consistent balanced format to give your listener a sense of order & reliability. By using...

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Is radio still alive?

Radio is very much still alive besides what some people say! Don’t listen to the naysayers (and there are plenty of them!) Radio isn’t dead; in fact it’s very much alive and kicking. Don’t just take our word for it though, the latest United Kingdom RAJAR report...

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